Candle Lemongrass & Coconut "Tamborine Mountain" Woodwick by Loloma Living

Candle Lemongrass & Coconut "Tamborine Mountain" Woodwick by Loloma Living

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Pure soy wax candle hand-poured in the Tamborine Mountain region.  The "Tamborine. Mountain" scent in our signature range of candles is an absolutely gorgeous Lemongrass & Coconut. 

These delightful candles have wooden wicks.  The labelling of the Tamborine Mountain candle is a White colour, easy to style in any home and designed to bring a little bit of luxury and paradise to your home.

Scents are long-lasting for the life of the candle.  The 400g lasts around 70-80 hours.

The 400g large candle contains double wood wicks.


Some helpful tips to get the most out of your beautiful candle purchase:

When you first light your candle please burn completely to the edge allowing the top surface to completely melt.  This will allow your candle to burn completely to the edge each time instead of creating a tunnel or ring.

Don't leave your candle burning for more than 4hours at a time, always keep your candle within sight and burn in a well-ventilated room away from drafts and fans, curtains, animals and children.

You must trim your wicks between burning to avoid sooting and remove the burnt bits of wood from the top of the wick, you can easily pinch these off with your fingertips once the wick is cooled. If your wicks are not trimmed before each use, the flame will not hold.